About Us

Hi there y'all!!! I'm known as Nanna to my grandchildren and my goal is to create a legacy for them by sharing recipes and cooking the finest of comfort food. Nanna's Bread Puddings is just one part to the beginning of that legacy. I grew up in an era where G-Ma was Queen of the Kitchen and Queen of our hearts. As she lovingly and patiently taught me how to cook, I aspire to teach my grandchildren the same.

Sunday dinners after church and home-cooked meals during the holidays were always our family traditions. G-Ma was one of the best cooks around in my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi and she took cooking very seriously. Cooking was not just a hobby for her nor was it a business. Cooking was a "lifeline" that she extended to our family and she made sure that our family had nothing but nutritious, fresh, home-grown, homemade-with-love yumminess and goodness.

I hope my home cooking takes you back down memory lane to a much saw-weeter time when your G-Ma was Queen of your Kitchen and Queen of your heart!!