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The Ultimate Comfort Food Experience!!

If you've never had bread pudding before, you're missing out on a dee-licious, decadent, end-of-the meal, sweet-addition-to your-brunch-lunch-dinner treat. Bread pudding tastes absolutely AAA-MAZING and you can enjoy it at any time of the day! Hot or cold! Nothing says comfort food like warm, custardy bread drenched in creamy sauces. Whether you like it sweet or savory (or both), we've got plenty of spins on this down-home Southern classic. Bread puddings can be a comfort food sweet treat for your family or you can jazz it up for a more impressive dessert suitable for guests.

OOHHH So Good Y'all!!

Our bread puddings are made with French or brioche bread soaked in a rich, flavorful homemade custard. Along with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg, the resulting decadence is a bread pudding that's slightly crispy on the outside, fluffy and moist on the inside. The AAA-MAZING sauce is what takes bread pudding to another level of decadence!! You get to choose your favorite from a list of popular bread pudding sauce flavors and hard sauce flavors.

Mini-Bundt sizes are also available in various bread pudding flavors.

Customer Testimonials

"My brother was turning 72 and my Mom always made him bread pudding with chocolate chips for his birthday. He was very thrilled to receive it. Nanna even included a birthday card in the package for me. Thank you for the little "extras." He enjoyed it very much!"

Julie P. 8/16/20

"I'm not usually a bread pudding fan but Nanna's old-fashioned bread pudding tastes amazing! Talk about decadence! Fluffy, not dense, melts in your mouth. Oh yeah!"

Zach G. 7/7/20

"Ordered the old-fashioned bread pudding with butter rum sauce for my Dad for his birthday. Nanna made sure that it arrived on time. He was ecstatic and very pleased!"

Jane H. 7/31/20

"It's really hard to find good bread pudding where I live (and online) and Nanna's Bread Puddings looked absolutely fabulous! I ordered 2 pans. Devoured one and froze the other! Ordered the vanilla cream sauce and the blueberry sauce. De-vine!!"

Lisa M. 7/31/20

"My mouth was watering for days waiting on that bread pudding! I tried to make some one day and it was terrible! My sister made bread pudding but she passed away, so trying to get some bread pudding has been very difficult. My first order of bread pudding had been delayed for well over a week by the postal service, but Nanna stood behind her product and sent me another one by overnight FEDEX. I was really impressed by her loyalty to her customers and the consideration she showed given the situation. Her bread puddings and sauces do not disappoint. You'll be glad you ordered it!"

Lana C. 8/12/20